The valuation of your property
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The valuation of your property

The valuation of your property

The valuation of a property is an essential process in various situations, such as in the purchase, sale, lease or even for tax purposes. However, determining the value of a property can generate controversy and misunderstandings, since there are different methods and approaches to carry out this assessment. At Real Easy we do not carry out evaluations, but we understand their dynamics and can offer some recommendations.

One of the most common ways to evaluate a property is the comparative market method. In this case, the value is established based on prices of similar properties, recently sold in the same region. While it is an objective approach, it can be influenced by the availability of accurate data and the lack of truly comparable real estate. At Real Easy, we have tools that provide us with information that we analyze on a case-by-case basis to recommend different situations to you.

Another widely used technique is the cost method, which takes into account the value of the land and the cost of rebuilding the property, discounting depreciation. While this method is quite useful in new or newly built properties, it may not adequately reflect the market valuation in older properties. Here comes our experience in the Algarve and knowledge of the area, the construction processes and how budgets are made.

In addition to these methods, there is the valuation by income, widely used for commercial or rental real estate, where the value is determined by the income generated by the property. However, its application can be complex due to fluctuations in the occupancy rate and the rental market.

Importantly, subjectivity can also play a role in the valuation of real estate, especially when the appraiser considers unique characteristics of the property, such as prime location, panoramic views, or specific improvements. This is where Real Easy invests the most time, analyzing your property in order to verify these characteristics so that the final value, which may be subjective, can be explained to the potential buyer.

Given these different approaches, it is understandable that there are divergences as to the final value of a property. Such controversies can arise between buyers and sellers, between parties interested in an inheritance, between financial institutions and borrowers or even in the context of tax matters.

In short, the valuation of a property can be a complex task and subject to controversy due to the various forms and methods available. Transparency, impartiality and the use of appropriate approaches are key to ensuring a fair and accurate assessment, avoiding disputes and disagreements between the parties involved. We are available to guide you in this process.

Real in the process of recommending a value for your property and easy (easy) to work with us. Real Easy.