Trends in Beach House Decor in 2024
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 Trends in Beach House Decor in 2024

 Trends in Beach House Decor in 2024

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy the long summer days near the sea.

Even better, if we can have a house on the coast and enjoy full days at the beach and cooler nights, especially if it is renewed for the warmer months with the decoration trends for 2024.

The idea is to transmit tranquility and good energy, prioritizing the quality of the materials.

In tune with contemporary environmental concerns, sustainable design continues to be a prominent trend. The integration of natural elements and the use of eco-friendly solutions in the decoration reflect the commitment to eco-friendly materials obtained in a sustainable way.

The environments adopt a modern and relaxed coastal style, characterized by bright and airy spaces that echo the serenity of the sea and the beach. The typical color palette includes neutral tones, bright whites, and cool blues, while materials such as natural wood, wicker, and linen are the most suitable. The design is clean and simple, yet elegant, in a minimalist approach that has been gaining popularity, emphasizing organized spaces, promoting comfort and relaxation.

One of the notable trends of 2024 is stripes, perfectly in line with the coastal and relaxed style, especially in various shades of blue, one of this year's standout colors. Add striped cushions, throws or rugs and play around with sizes and colours to find the perfect combination that reflects your personality.


Another trend this year is the use of ottoman ottomans throughout the house. Ottomans are perfect for their versatility. I particularly love the use of ottomans as a coffee table in the living room or even as extra seating on the patio.

Wood leaves aside its lighter and whiter tones, to be present in warmer tones, such as oak wood or walnut, which makes the house more welcoming. Wood can bring cabinets, furniture, and decorative details to life.

The mixing of textures is also in vogue. This is a great way to add style, depth and dimension to spaces, so this summer we expect to see layers of textures like thick linen in throws, rustic wood in furniture, wicker in lamps and chunky jute in rugs.

Finally, we welcome the so-called biophilic design, which integrates elements of nature directly into our homes, with special emphasis on plants, natural wood and stone details. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and is especially important when it comes to summer décor. Plants bring life and energy to spaces, promoting beauty and tranquility, while reducing stress, promoting well-being or simply purifying the air. The benefits of biophilic design are several. All this and more, buying your home with Real Easy will improve your quality of life! 

Fátima Almeida (Arch)