The Real Easy project in the Algarve
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The Real Easy project in the Algarve

The Real Easy project in the Algarve

The Real Easy PT project...real estate brokerage of a new generation.

Real estate has always pleased us due to its surroundings and the communities that are created with the different social actors.

Our experience in Portugal, especially in the regions of Lisbon and the Algarve, has provided us (and continues to provide) knowledge to, now that we are in Moncarapacho in the Algarve – Eastern Algarve, propose businesses and projects with quality, always with good disposition and a positive attitude towards a new challenge.

In real estate, from the raising of a property, where we meet the owners, to the discovery of the same, its correct analysis and evaluation, to the creation of marketing material with beautiful photographs, video and perhaps even a three-dimensional model or interior design, As well as the necessary documentary analysis to verify if everything is legalized or if additional diligence is needed, all this is a great challenge that we have come to enjoy more and more.

Our training allows us to develop almost all projects internally, because we have mastered the knowledge and various technological tools that help a lot to present all the information more effectively, in an era when this is essential.

The second phase consists of contact with new customers, potential buyers, which is also quite interesting: helping someone find their home, change their life and start a new stage is fantastic and gives immense pleasure, because there are very interesting people.

Here, the concept of community is broadened, since our team uses specialized professionals, such as lawyers, builders, engineers, accountants, banking companies or credit intermediaries, through outsourcing... to give a few examples. We share all our contacts with our clients, thus ensuring that they turn to professionals we trust.

Showing the property with all its details and mediating an agreement in which all parties are satisfied is undoubtedly a pleasure.

If you're looking to sell your property or buy a new one, give us a chance and you won't regret it.

Our many years of experience in construction, design, technology, photography, design and real estate puts us at ease to face any challenges.

Ask us for examples or challenge us with your project!

Real Easy PT is more than a real estate brokerage, it is a set of well-being between different people.

PS: Fátima is an architect and João is a senior education technician with training in technologies to do the master's degree in Education and New Technologies.