Water - a basic necessity in the Algarve or anywhere else in the world.
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Water - a basic necessity in the Algarve or anywhere else in the world.

Water - a basic necessity in the Algarve or anywhere else in the world.

Water... that essential good for all.

It is a constant concern and an attitude that we must all adopt: the saving and efficient use of water. In the Algarve (and beyond), where rainfall is decreasing, it is crucial to ensure the responsible use of drinking water.

Recently, I had an experience in my home that I would like to share with you. We found a solution called Hoterway, which, while not 100% effective, can help considerably in saving hot water, even with solar heating. Imagine that water that normally goes down the drain while we wait for it to warm up for a quick shower. Hoterway can be a little help to save water and reduce the monthly bill.

And it's always good to remember:

  1. Efficient Irrigation:

    • Water plants and gardens during the cooler hours of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, to reduce evaporation.
    • Consider using efficient drip or sprinkler irrigation systems to maximize water uptake by plants.
  2. Drought Tolerant Plants:

    • Opt for plants that are native or adapted to the dry climate of the Algarve, which require less water.
    • Adopt sustainable landscaping by choosing plants that require less irrigation.
  3. Rainwater Harvesting:

    • Install rainwater harvesting systems to use for irrigation activities.
    • Use barrels or cisterns to store rainwater and reduce reliance on conventional sources.
  4. Efficient Discharges:

    • Install low-volume flushes in toilets to reduce water consumption in flushes.
  5. Pools and Fountains:

    • Use pool covers to reduce water evaporation.
    • Limit the use of decorative water fountains or opt for recirculating systems that minimize losses.
  6. Home Conservation:

    • Immediately repair any water leaks in the home.
    • Install flow reducers on faucets and showers to reduce consumption.
  7. Vehicle Washing:

    • Wash vehicles in designated areas that collect the water used and treat it before it is discharged.

By adopting these measures, you can make a significant contribution to water conservation in the Algarve, preserving this vital resource in a region prone to water scarcity.

Remember, water is an essential commodity for all of us. Use it responsibly.

A piece of advice from Real Easy and João Soeiro.