5 reasons to sell with Real Easy
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5 reasons to sell with Real Easy

5 reasons to sell with Real Easy

Some homeowners believe they can save tens of euros by selling their home on their own. However, the amount of effort, time and cost involved are underestimated, and they soon discover that they need exceptional negotiation, legal and market knowledge to sell their home without the help of professional real estate agents.


Reasons to sell with Real Easy:


  • Access to a vast real estate advertising network: Real Easy has links to buyers and contacts who keep informed about the new properties they put on the market, and quickly disclose the property that has just launched. Even if the owner believes they have a large network that will share the property, that will undoubtedly be a much smaller group of potential buyers. A small group of potential buyers will not generate great demand for the property. The homeowner will wait longer to sell their home and probably won't get the price they expect.


  • Representation of the business of selling your home: Selling your own home is an emotional process. Hiring Real Easy to represent your interests will keep personal feelings away from the business of selling the home. With Real Easy's representation it is less likely that the owner will make mistakes, such as pricing outside the market value, take offense at low offers, or fail to manage the negotiations. Real Easy's real estate professionals will communicate with potential buyers on behalf of the owner without the anxiety, despair or lack of cooperation that can arise in a sale situation.


  • Added value: When selling a home without a real estate agency, the costs to prepare it, take photographs or make videos, and pay for marketing, are all up to the seller. These expenses added together can become quite high. Don't forget that it takes time and effort to organize open house days or make visits by appointment, where the owners have to fit the visits into their usual schedule. There will be an avalanche of requests for information, often from potential unqualified customers, from people who are just curious to see the house from the inside. 


  • Knowledge of the legal aspects of selling a property: The sale of a property is a legal contract, so a homeowner who does it on their own will be required to negotiate and handle all the paperwork associated with this process. There is a legal process that involves interactions with the buyer, lawyer or solicitor and sometimes the appraiser and the bank. Then there are the negotiations and legal procedures to deal with the owner and the financial institutions, if applicable. Sellers who are not familiar with the legal aspects, terminology and process may run into legal difficulties if they do not do it correctly.


  • Being a real estate agent is a full-time job: Many "For Sale by the Owner" sellers believe they save the costs of hiring a real estate agency, but often don't consider the price they pay in other areas, such as time spent and lack of experience. If a homeowner can't take time off from work every time a buyer wants to see their home, or apologize with commitments to negotiate and submit documents, their property will stay on the market longer than they want, which will make buyers suspect that there's something wrong with the home. This costs the owner money, as the longer the house is on the market, the less likely it is to be sold.



Selling with Real Easy is a good option for most selling owners. Real Easy's professional agents can help you sell your home faster, for the highest possible price and with less stress.